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  • Serious artists in Tampa and across the country know what it takes to achieve hit-quality recordings. Record high-quality vocals with a dedicated hip-hop engineer who knows how to perfectly capture the feel of your recording project. Our in-house beat-makers and producers can create customized tracks, complete with finishing touches for a radio-ready song!

  • At Clear Track we want your voice to command the show. Utilize the best mic selection, a movable screen for ADR talent, and phone patch system so that your producers in New York or Hollywood can listen in to your session while we capture your best takes!

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  “Class of 2010…This Year’s Hottest New Recording Studios”- Mix Magazine

About Clear Track Studios

The friendly and knowledgeable engineers and producers at Clear Track Recording Studios are passionate about achieving the sound you want, in high-quality, to give you the best studio experience yet. You’ll feel right at home in this truly world-class recording studio, a place where you can easily create at your best.

The word must be getting out fast since Clear Track Studios’ opening in February 2010.  Over four years later, we’re quickly becoming known as the go-to studio when searching for the best quality in Tampa Bay–with competent, friendly staff who know how to swiftly get what you need for a project. We work with any project scenario, from Major Acts to up-and-coming independent artists, with care, efficiency and great attention to quality.

We provide anything from the studio facility itself to the right producers, engineers, and session musicians who will help you get the sound for your unique project. Clear Track’s Music Production Team involves a wide variety of noted producers and professional engineers, musicians and songwriters of varying generations and genres, including multi-platinum award winning talents. Rock, Pop, Dance, Electronic, Blues, Country, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rap, Latin, Opera, Classical–it’s all covered!

The professionals here and the studio itself are truly “all about the music.” There’s no big corporate mentality, just decades of experience driven by a passion for making great sounding music—all culminating in 2010 with the opening of Clear Track’s Studio A.  Watch us constructing studio A over a year and a half in this short video.

Every aspect of the studio was decided upon and brought into place by progressive rock and blues multi-instrumentalist and head engineer, Mike Johnson. In his mid-twenties, after 8 years of studio design research, the Connecticut native met with world-renown studio designer Wes Lachot during the summer of 2008. It was then he knew he wouldn’t cut any corners, rolling up his sleeves to “do it right,” and working with Wes to design not only a full-blown, pro studio, but the best sounding room in Florida. Wes, who had just finished designing Manifold Recording (nominated for a TEC Award), approved of the perfect building and drew up the plans with Mike. After nearly two years of blood, sweat and tears and massive attention to detail, Mike and the Clear Track team opened Studio A’s doors in February 2010 to serve Tampa Bay musicians and artists across the globe. So far, it’s been a great success.

Beautifully crafted for sonic excellence and inspiration, musicians and pro engineers alike are continually amazed at the studio’s sound creating, capturing and listening environment. And with Anthony Little starting off 2014 as Executive Director, we are making some huge waves in the music community! We want to see a thriving music establishment on Florida’s West Coast by helping up-and-coming and already-established artists alike have a great time making music for their listeners—at a level of quality that can truly expand a music career.